About Us

Samaritan Casting specializes in casting and extras casting for local independent film, TV, commercials, and events.

We believe in helping people. The kindness of our mentors has brought us where we are today in our acting and movie-making careers. We are grateful to those who helped us, and believe in giving back to the community those same opportunities that were made for us.

John Hawkins, Owner

Bio coming soon.


Jeremy Gustafson, Owner 2012-2013

Jeremy wrote, directed, and produced his first short movie, "Harry Putter and the Sorcerer's Phone," in 2006. Since then he has worked on dozens of films as Producer, Assistant Director, Line Producer, Casting Director, Extras Casting Director & Wrangler, Cinematographer, Grip, and Actor.

Of the entire filmmaking process, from story concept to movie premiere, casting the actors has remained Jeremy's favorite part.


Lee H. Jordan

Taking on the role of Production Manger for "Harry Putter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets" (written and directed by Jeremy Gustafson), has brought about a new found passion. Jordan directed and produced his first short in 2010, "We Turned the Page."

He has worked as Casting Director, Talent Wrangler, Wardrobe, Craft Services, and Actor. Jordan has set a personal goal for himself to screen a film every year in The Twin Cities Black Film Festival; bringing diversity to the concept of film making in the community. Jordan is currently working on his next film project.


Joel Thingvall, Good Deed Doer

Joel has acted in more than 100 plays and 100 films since his appearance on "Lunch With Casey" in the late 1950s in his native Minnesota. He has also performed magic shows for Burger King, appeared as Iggy the Iguana for the St. Paul Science Museum, and admits to being an accomplished mime.

Joel is also an accomplished journalist and playwright. His guilty pleasures in life include reciting Shakespeare, and Minnesota Twins baseball. Joel is also one of the industry's foremost historians and respected retailers of comic books. He currently enjoys time working as a mentor to actors and writers.


Mark Campbell

From an early age Mark always knew he had a passion for film. Growing up, he drove his family crazy, constantly talking about movies, and wanting to spend all of his time in front of the TV, at the movie theater, or in the video store.

He has worn many hats in the industry, mostly in extras casting. But his prize gig was in summer 2012 when directed his first project, a comedy web series called “Customer Service?” which he also co-created & produced with his wife Melissa.

Mark is a firm believer in collaboration and teamwork, an attribute he brings to Samaritan Casting and every other project he works on.


Jim Westcott

While growing up in south Minneapolis, Jim Westcott enjoyed stage performance at school and church. His first taste in filmmaking was saying "Good Morning" to Cybill Shepherd during the filming of "The Heartbreak Kid," filmed at the University of Minnesota.

Jim did take a long break from acting to be a husband and dad, however, his younger daughter Anne encouraged him to return his dream. He soon tiptoed back into the performance arts; returning to his love of acting. He has since been performing on stage, in film, and now includes commercials in his list of credits.

Over the past decade, he has performed in a wide range of delightful and challenging roles. Jim views Samaritan Casting as an opportunity for members of the local performing arts community to chase their dreams.